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Pinocchio MedleyKevali Cast
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Ali Baba MedleyKevali Cast
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Dumbo MedleyKevali Cast
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Legend of the Seven Seas!

Hercules .jpg

Our hero, Hercules, must use his strength as he faces his archenemy Henry Hades in a race to save the world from eternal darkness. Highlighting the effect of global warming, Hercules, with your students as his moral compass, encourages us all to protect the environment whilst using the three C's; Compassion, Consideration and Communication. 'Go Green Today, Go Green Tomorrow'

With an original script, music and set, our talented actors will engage and interact with your students to not only entertain, but to provide a valuable learning experience. As always our show is accompanied by our education pack, filled with activities and lesson plans for use pre and post performance.  

Go Green
00:00 / 02:15
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