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Hansel and Gretel

Stranger danger CircusKevali Cast
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‘Once upon a time, there lived a woodcutter and his wife in a small wooden cottage with their children, Hansel and Gretel…….’

Join Kevali Productions on this highly interactive Promenade Performance with songs and dances, as we walk through the enchanted woods to find a house made entirely of lollipops, chocolate, gingerbread and candy!

'Hansel and Gretel'  is not only an educational and entertaining show but we are also incorporating the very important  ' Stranger Danger ' message. 

For FS/KG - Grade 1

Ameera in Space

Having been relocated with her family to the UAE, Ameera struggles to fit in and finds herself feeling isolated and misunderstood. she plans to unite the world through Music, making everyone proud of their differences and accepting of each other. But the secret last line of her song lies on the dangerous planet Oggle Boggle! Join us, as Ameera ventures into the great unknown! Will she succeed? And will we live in peace and harmony, in a brave new world...

For FS/KG to Grade Six

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We believe that our drama workshops are not only to help with your students' 'on stage' performances but with life skills such as confidence, communication and cooperation. 


Our range of workshops for FS to Year 12 are bespoke to each school's needs and tailored to your curriculum. We encourage your students to explore their imaginations, emotions and reactions to develop their creative skills using speech, movement, song, dance and drama games.

Contact Kevin to design and structure your workshop, for students in grades FS to 12.

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