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In a theatrical production of the highest technical, musical and visual standards, we tell the story of a boy who learns the advantages of not only honesty in life but of being true to himself!


Our production is not only an educational show, but physically and vocally engaging. We will sustain our audience’s attention and enjoyment with songs, dance and questions that underpin an intriguing story. We provide a valuable and morally relevant message for children's inquisitive minds  growing in today’s modern world.

Winter Term 2018

Winter Term 2021


Pinocchio MedleyKevail Cast
00:00 / 02:37



Played By Kirsty Punton

 Pinocchio Profile
Pinocchio Profile

Blue Fairy and Gemima Cricket

Played By Megan Mcguire 

Blue Fairy Profile
Gemima Cricket Profile

Fibbles Fox and Stromboli

Played By Dale Mcqueen

Fibbles Fox Profile
Stromboli Profile


Played By Kevin Rooney

Geppetto Profile
Geppetto Profile
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