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An Inspector Calls
By J.B. Priestly

Inspector Calls.jpg

'An Inspector Calls' by J.B. Priestley, tells the story of the
prosperous, upper-middle class Birling Family.
Whilst celebrating a family engagement, they are suddenly interrupted by the misanthropic Inspector Goole who announces the tragic news of the death of Eva Smith, a girl unknown to each of the Birlings.

One by one, Goole interrogates every family member,
disclosing their unethical behaviour which may have led to Eva's death.


Written in 1945, 'An Inspector Calls' is considered a modern classic which has retained its relevance and popularity for its social commentary and exploration of moral responsibility. It will allow students and teachers to draw not only parallels to their own lives, but to question their personal ethics and accountability in this modern age!

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