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Legend of the Seven Seas!

Suitable for Year 1 - Year 6

This great adventure reminds us of the seafaring history of the Middle East. Sinbad must recover five magical stones to release the city of Baghdad from an evil spell! His journey takes him to mysterious places as he battles with creatures and moral dilemmas in order to save the world.


An emotional tale leads Sinbad to confront his meaning and purpose in life whilst his trials and tribulations leave him with a great sense of accomplishment!

With a fully original script, music and set, our talented actors will engage and interact with your students to not only entertain, but to provide a valuable learning experience. As always our show is accompanied by our education pack, filled with activities and lesson plans for use pre and post performance.  

Summer Term 2022

Played By Conor Hinds

Played By Jessica Donnelly 
Spotlight Link

Played By Lewis Winter Petrie 
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Eris / Queen Moyra 
Played By Megan Mcguire 
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King Cyrus / King Donald
Played By Kevin Rooney

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